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Angelina Voloshina Design

Established in 2013, "AVHEELS" is a shoe and clothing brand built on the fundamentals of fashionable, high quality craftsmanship to create only the most comfortable heels and elegant boutique dresses.  Our Founder, Angelina Voloshina is a young designer who believes that stylish shoes should not only look amazing, but also be made well and fit comfortably.  Her vision is to give fashion forward women a chance to express their beauty and femininity through Angelina's classic and modern designs.


The Inspiration

Inspired by classic elegance with new vision and innovation, Angelina Voloshina prides herself in creating shoes that are one step ahead of the latest trends in fashion.  We believe that "AVHEELS" represents a lifestyle unlike any other shoe brand and is not just about a product, but about class, passion, and making an impression that is far deeper than can be expressed with words.



What separates "AVHEELS" from all the other shoes, is that our footwear is hand-crafted from only the finest Italian materials to ensure only the maximum comfort.  Every shoe is meticulously cut, stretched, stitched and finished by a professional artisan. It is only after being thoroughly checked by our techs that the shoes are ready to be shipped.  We believe it is possible to create luxury shoes at far below the cost of high-end brand names and pass the savings to our customers.



We are so confident that we are offering the best quality footwear, at the best price, that we invite you to try them with a 30 day, money back guarantee.
Join us and experience the unique feeling of designer comfort!

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