New Years Outfits : Sexy Party Dress Ideas For 2016

December 12, 2015 1 Comment

Everyone wants to start the New Year on the right foot, so choosing the perfect pair of heels is of up-most importance when taking your first steps on the journey into 2016.


The Holidays are well on their way and its time to think about not only what to wear, but where to go, who to go with and of course what to give! With so many decisions, high expectation and endless possibilities, this time of year is known to be extremely stressful and can drive some people to the brink of sanity. Thankfully, we decided to put together a list of style choices to make your holiday season just a little bit easier.


Holiday outfits do not have to be over the top glamour, but wearing something special can bring a sense of holiday spirit to yourself and those around you. So for atleast the days of celebration lets forget about the comfort jeans and instead change them up for something a little more feminine, attractive or semi-formal.

Based on your comfort level, you can choose anything from a long dress to a sexy mini. You may want to dress up in a tight bodycon dress or  pick a playful cocktail dress with wide skirt which can be colorful or go with classic black. It is not necessary to choose a dress for only one night party, there are many models which you can wear during the celebration and after it to the parties with your friends, birthdays or dates so make sure to choose something versatile. Here are some examples of outfits we chose:

  1. Red is always fascinating.

The most obvious choice to leave an unforgetable impression is wearing a red colored dresses or really any shade of red ie burgundy, crimson, or even scarlet





  1. Rich and bright blue, green shades.
Royal blue or deep green with interesting design - draperies, lace or print - together create an amazing combination.



    1. Gold, silver perfection.
    If you like pastel colors, but still want to stand out  the best choice will be to go with gold or silver. These types of dresses are immediate attention getters.



      1. Black is always classy.
           Black is great choice because its versatile for everyone and underlines the silhouette. Besides       being universally popular, black always looks particularly elegant.


        What shoes to wear for New Year 2016

         Choosing the right shoes second part of putting together the perfect outfit is not any less important for creating a fabulous look. The most popular models of course are heels. 


        1. Chic bright heels.
        Shoes should be showy so if you choose neutral colored dress (like black or beige), you can go with juicy colors like red, mint, yellow, orange, blue or purple pumps to grab attention and look fashionable and give a stunning accent.



          1. Classic colors. 
          If however you decide to go with a bright colored dress you should consider matching it with a more classic or neutral colored heels such as nude, silver, gold, brown, burgundy or black color pumps.



                 3. Stunning booties.


            If its cold out, a great alternative to pumps could be a short boot.  There are many variations and styles and materials, even lace that can go with your outfit. Other interesting designs include ombre color flow and platform designs.


            1. Over the knee boots for the Knock Out.

            Last but not least - OTK Boots. Reserved only for the most fashionable and daring women, this fashion statement will surely take the best in show at any new years celebration.  Paired with the prefect short, sexy dress or skirt, a pair of tall boots will make you stand out above the rest.


                                                   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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            In Style Custody
            In Style Custody

            December 14, 2015

            All of those gowns were beautiful and the shoes too. Beautifully captured.

            Roseleen and Bridgette
            In Style Custody

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