Celebrity Fashion and Designer Heels

September 26, 2015 1 Comment

More often than not, our style choices are heavily influenced by celebrity fashion. I mean who doesn't dream of living an extravagant lifestyle, being surrounded by beautiful people, and having a worry free life that others envy. The truth of the matter is, celebrities who run the fashion scene spend a lot time and effort to maintain the image that has been built with the help of media. Of course having plenty of financial resources does help, but I am sure they too have moments just like you and I when they go into their closet and feel like "I have nothing to wear!"


Although a $650 pair of designer heels or a $4000 Chanel bag might be out of reach for most fashionistas, the desire for comfortable heels and fashionable dresses remains an essential for all women- regardless of their status. I personally saw the need to provide women with an alternative to luxury brands and highly priced apparel, yet maintain the quality and comfort of designer fashion. Thus Angelina Voloshina was born. By gearing a brand toward the average woman, yet focusing on the things that make designer footwear great, we have found that you do not have to make a celebrity paycheck to enjoy the same exclusive styles that celebrities are known for.

When it comes to celebrity style, we tend to see a broad display of individuality through their fashion choices. Some such as Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham choose to exhibit their complexion through classic and conservative styles, while others like lady gaga tend to push the creative limits through the most daring feats of expression. I decided that Angelina Voloshina line should feature both, because both are equally unique and beautiful. Our line of classic pointed toe heels capture the modest and elegant look of a woman, while our 6 inch heels present a womans wild side and fire that burns within. 


Staying ahead of fashion is not easy and stars have a large inventory of shoes and clothing to help them maintain an edge on the competition. But in reality, it doesn't take a full closet worth of shoes and clothing to stay fashionable. Thats why I chose to design Angelina Voloshina with emphasis on essential pieces that can be worn on a number of occasions - starting with 2 inch office heels, and ending with our 6 inch platform heels


So what is it that draws celebrities to buy only designer brands? Well other than the name, designer heels are made with exceptional quality. Natural materials combined with hand-craftsmanship provide comfort that is far greater than synthetic rubbers that wear quickly and are just awful for your feet. That is why we decided to incorporate all designer techniques into our Angelina Voloshina heels. A lot of designer markup comes from the prime real estate at which luxury brands are located.  By staying online and being factory direct, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. 

As far as money goes, I believe it is the creative experience that designers really love and I think I have found the same things with the making of our brand. The design process itself is truly amazing, especially when you look back to just a short time ago when the heels which you are currently wearing  were just a drawing on a piece of paper. But the most important thing that designers and celebrities who display their work have in common, is the chance to share and inspire the world by passing on a small piece of themselves.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and my .02 cents in the vast world of designer fashion. Feel free to stop by and view our full collection and tell us what you think :) 




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