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June 11, 2015

Peering into the bright future of the fashion industry, and trying to find the best and most current trends of the season, we take a glimpse of the summer of 2015 designs, which prove to be not just a diverse but also, colorful and unique.

Many designers attempted to refresh the classic form, appearance, and highlight vintage themes as something new and delicious. Thus, I offering you the final list of the most striking trends of summer 2015, you will see many classic designs that have been revamped by a touch of modern color and unique, yet sublet accents to maintain their traditional heritage.

Classic Stilettos.

Classic is always in demand and marks a special place in the fashion world, no matter what trends dominated the current moment. Not only have the platform heels gained a solid base of success on the catwalks this season, but many stylists are also attached to the importance of elegant and beauty of high-heeled shoes . Apart from the broad variety of heels, designers have proposed new accents with different parts of multicolored textures and materials along with the classic discreet images.

Wide heels.

Another current shoe trend for the summer comes in the form of a massive heel or platform that can in some form attributed to the style of the 80s. Wide-high heels provide room for imagination - it is decorated with the most bizarre prints, features can include anything from a classic bow, to a studded heel. Wide heels are always a win-win formula for both success and femininity.

Wedge Shoes.

Few things beat the comfort and design possibilities of classic wedges. From bright colors, to flower prints, wedges are always a girls best friend during the summer season. How you choose to show of your style, now thats up to you.

Shoes with exotic animals and reptiles.

Exotic animals and snake skin turned out to be one of the the hottest trends of the new season. Python and other materials became very popular at the turn of the spring season and came in many forms such from sexy boots, to gladiator's, to pumps. 

Shoes with a bow.

Another great element that emphasizes femininity on shoes is the bow . Despite its small size, this detail can greatly spice up your image.



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